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Even small changes in plan enrollments can save (or cost) thousands of dollars for an organization. That’s why our team partners with employers nationwide to help meet or exceed goals for benefits plan performance. In many cases, our customized strategies will also boost employees’ satisfaction with their benefits and compensation.

Ask how we can help with:
• Increasing enrollment in high-deductible insurance plans
• Reducing benefits costs
• Re-branding health insurance plans and wellness programs
• Introducing employee wellness programs and premium discounts

Our Approach to Open Enrollment Communications

Keep it simple.
Employees aren’t well-versed in the complex, acronym-filled world of benefits. We strive to keep communications free of jargon and confusing industry terms.

Make everything clear.
Even if plans have not changed from the previous year, an organization may have new employees or those whose life situations have changed.

Be consistent.
This can help to reduce confusion and decrease the number of employee inquiries.
Employees may also feel more confident in their decisions.

Deliver benefits information through a variety of channels.
Emails, home mailers, worksite meetings and online tools are examples.

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