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A Central, Accessible Location for Your Program Information

Having your own online channel can be a huge advantage in marketing your benefits programs. A benefits website can provide a central location for information about health, wellness and work-life benefits in an online format that can be accessed by potential employees and spouses, as well as your current employees. It’s all about creating a more cohesive experience and organizing benefits content, programs and plans in ways that make sense to your employees.

Our benefits websites can be fully customized to your unique audiences and branding. They can also push employees to separate vendor sites when they need to change their 401K elections, update beneficiaries or take another type of action.

Benefits Videos/Audio 

These are online audio and video clips that can be easily accessed on your intranet or benefits website. Interviews with benefits team members and brief explanations of benefits offerings are good ways to get started with using these tools to market your benefits programs.

We can work with your marketing team or other internal resources to make sure all of the clips are aligned with your company’s brand.


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