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Say It with Social Media: An Innovative and Easy Way to Keep Employees in the Know About Open Enrollment

Say It with Social Media: An Innovative and Easy Way to Keep Employees in the Know About Open Enrollment

Three Approaches to Keeping Your Employees Connected During Open Enrollment Season

Written by: Leandra Abreu

When it's time to start the roundtable discussions about open enrollment, one of the first measures you need to tackle is powerful and innovative communication tactics. In the past, you've probably relied on print collateral. Time for an update! In this day and age, you have to incorporate social media into your messaging mix. Staying connected has never been easier, and with our tips on how to use the networking tools effectively, you can have information constantly at your employees' fingertips—literally!

With 64% of Americans carrying smartphones, and their smartphones carrying a variety of social media network applications, you can pass along open enrollment and benefit information where your employees are most engaged. Here are three easy social media approaches to keep your message simple and effective:

It's a group effort.

Social media an excellent tool for sharing content—and it's also ideal for communicating with a selected and targeted audience. You can find the group feature on various social media networks through your smartphone device or desktop. Use it to get your employees involved in the open enrollment and benefit chatter. Closed groups allow for a free flow of information, with back-and-forth capabilities, without outsiders having access to administrative information. It's as simple as creating a group, inviting your staff to join, making the group private and placing virtual instructions within the forum to keep everyone in the loop. This will allow you to focus on relevant employees and address their specific needs.

Here are examples of content you could include in these closed groups:

  • Links to educational references
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Alerts and reminders
  • Create this page eight-weeks before open enrollment starts to give your employees enough learning time. For the most successful open enrollment communication with closed groups, post early and reply often

Be very visual.

With 75% of employees feeling they need a better understanding of open enrollment and benefits changes and options, infographics are a must! Most experts agree that visual points of reference are becoming an integral part of internal communications. Breaking down benefits through easy-to-read diagrams and charts can lead your employees to the right benefits package. Visual cues also come in handy if there is a change in the company's benefit plans. Not only are infographics shareable on social media, but you can also use them to reinforce your brand by discretely incorporating your company's logo, signature style and call to action.

'Tis the season to be reminded.

Social media is constantly at employees' fingertips. Take advantage! About 86% of large and midsize businesses say that giving employees 24/7 access to benefit information is important. Nobody wants to miss a deadline, so set reminders on social media to help keep employees in the loop at all times. Use a scheduling platform like Hootsuite or create a social media calendar to remain organized and open to your employees. Don't forget to keep messages simple—and be sure to link those visuals!

Overwhelmed with the Open Enrollment process? Let Tipton take the burden off your hands. At Tipton, we provide strategic open enrollment communications that could help boost your employees' satisfaction with their benefits and compensation. Visit us at www.tiptoncommunications.com for more information.

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