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Use Video to Communicate Change in your Organization

Use Video to Communicate Change in your Organization

​Written by: Lauren Mancini, Communications Specialist 

Do you need a way to introduce a new initiative at your company? In the old days, you'd probably fire off a memo via email or hard copy and hope the news would trickle down (eventually). That never really worked, did it? When employees feel they've been left out of the loop or they're being railroaded into a change without understanding why, it can take a long time to gain buy-in. On the other hand, if they get the sense that they're being consulted and asked for feedback, your implementation can go pretty smoothly. It's all in how you get your people to the table.

Fortunately, we have some new tools to communicate change. One of our favorite strategies is video messaging. It's effective, it connects people via a variety of platforms and it offers a tool that people can revisit if they need to hear the message again. Listed below are several suggestions for implementing video into your communication strategy

1. ​Use Facebook Live to Record Town Hall Meetings

Live video streaming is a fun way to engage your employees. Hosting a town hall meeting? Consider using Facebook's free feature, "Facebook Live," to give your people the platform and attention they may need to ask questions, voice concerns or share opinions. By live-streaming to your company's personal Facebook page, you can limit the people viewing this to your employees only. People who are not attending your meeting in person can use the comment feature to make comments or post questions, and your leaders can respond to them in real time. Facebook Live also saves the stream as a recorded video, so it can be watched again and again.

2. ​Use Digital Signage as a New Platform for Video Messages

Digital signage messages (electronic message boards) are effective at distributing short messages to large numbers of people. You can use both text and graphic images in this tool, which ensures a more personalized touch. The video options that can be displayed on these internal message boards are endless; use leadership members to offer a personalized touch when delivering a company-wide change, demonstrate the new process or provide a visual explanation of the transition or use the platform to give a virtual tour of a new facility. For more information about digital signage, read last week's article by clicking here

3. Use CEO Video Messages to Replace Impersonal Messaging

Rodney Gray, principal consultant and managing director of Employee Communication & Surveys Pty Ltd, has found that only 10% of employees thought that senior executives were aware of their concerns, and only 23% felt that executives communicate well. Not a good sign. Messages that are impersonal and vague do not build confidence. Create videos to show that your CEO and leadership team can be trusted, and place the videos on your intranet so your people can access them easily. If you have a large company, you may want to consider personalizing each video to individual departments if the changes are going to vary from one area to another. 

4. Use The Right Messenger to Make the Biggest Impact

A study conducted by Towers Watson found that only 50% of employees have trust and confidence in their senior management. If you need to address this internal barrier, create videos featuring internal case studies or testimonials from other employees in the company—people who already have a good connection with your people. Use interviews and stories about how they adjusted, or are adjusting, to change and what tips or pieces of advice they have for their peers going through the transition themselves.

Tipton Communications has expertise in working on change management with a variety of companies to provide support, best practices and deliverables. If your company needs assistance in an upcoming transition initiative, call 302.454.7901, or visit our website at www.TiptonCommunications.com

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