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Tipton Made Us Tip-Top Communicators

Tipton Made Us Tip-Top Communicators

Written by: Alex Karlesses and Kelly Mui, co-directors of Tipton’s student-run firm and current University of Delaware students

What was your assignment at Tipton Communications?

A & K: We were assigned to a nonprofit client, Junior Achievement of Delaware. We helped them plan and develop a comprehensive social media strategy to promote a sweepstakes contest through Facebook. It was our first official task in launching Tipton’s first-ever student-run firm. We were incredibly excited and fortunate to have the resources and support we needed to get started.

What did you learn about the communications industry?

A: Tipton helped me develop skills in writing social media strategies and helped me expand my portfolio. I appreciate the hands-on hours and the trust they placed in me to learn on my own and be creative.

K: Tipton gave me the start to my communications career. I’ve taken all the classes to prepare me for the industry, but I never had real-life, hands-on experience. I’ve learned so much at my time here at Tipton and I continue to grow each day!

What skills did you develop and learn during your time at Tipton?

A: I developed basic graphic design skills, which I really enjoyed because I am a visual learner. I also learned how to be even more concise in my writing, which I will always value as a person who studies journalism.

K: Every day, I learned something new at Tipton. Not only do you walk through the doors of Tipton and have a new task assigned to you, but you take something away daily. Overall, I’ve learned how to communicate and write effectively. It’s vital to have those skills in the communications realm.

How did the Tipton team support you?

A: One of my favorite aspects of working at Tipton was the supportive atmosphere—everyone was willing to give advice. Dan Tipton would also meet with us and act as a sounding board, offering helpful critiques. We met with Natalie Hines almost daily, and she was instrumental in our success. She offered constructive criticism, but at the same time let us be creative and showcase our different skills. I can’t thank Tipton enough for the confidence they instilled in me.

K: The first thing I noticed was the lively and encouraging support from the Tipton staff. Tipton never fails to impress you—or make you laugh! No question was ever too small to ask, making me feel my most comfortable self. My partner, Alex, has supported me through thick and thin. Natalie, our supervisor, has mentored us every step of the way. I owe all my success to them!

What advice would you give to future interns?

A: Don’t be afraid to be creative! I was timid to share my ideas at first, thinking that I was just an intern! My supervisors were always glad to hear from me, and they would take what I said seriously. You learn so much from this job, and they put a lot of trust in you, and that makes this the perfect environment to be your most creative self.

K: Be proactive and a happy worker. There’s nothing worse than sitting somewhere you don’t want to be. Tipton has provided an environment you can thrive in. Appreciate the small things, like a coffee in the morning or someone dropping in just to say hello or ask about your day. It’s never too early to start making those meaningful connections. Other than that, work hard!

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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

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