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The Roadmap to Social Media Success: Let's Start Planning Your Trip!

The Roadmap to Social Media Success: Let's Start Planning Your Trip!

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Written by: Natalie Hines, Communication Specialist

You're about to embark upon a social media journey—and there are many ways to reach your destination. With new channels emerging every day, you may not know which road to take. Do you need live streaming? Is instantaneous chatting right for your audience? Would photo sharing help? How often should you post content? How do you create content for numerous accounts?

Mapping out your social media journey can be overwhelming. So we've put together five tips to help you choose the best path for you. Before you buckle up, review the following:

  • 1.Use the platforms your audience uses. For example, if young adults are your target audience, you may want to try Instagram or Snapchat. Or, if you're trying to engage your employees, start a company blog to share on your website. It's a great way to get your team to not only communicate but position your company as an industry leader.
  • 2.Make sure the new platform can help you achieve your company goals. Write out or review your goals with your team before signing up for a new platform. This will not only keep you organized but also keep your efforts aligned and consistent.
  • 3.Diversify content from your current platform. For example, if you just created a LinkedIn company page, make sure you're giving your followers fresh, new content tailored to their interests.
  • 4.Create "thumb-stopping" content. The highly competitive social media world is cluttered with ads, graphics and other marketing content. Most of your followers rapidly scroll through their social apps on a mobile device. Make sure your content catches their eye, provides valuable information and, most important, is accurate and honest.
  • 5.Try something new! With short videos—30 to 60 seconds—you may have a creative new way to convey your message. In addition, contests, hashtags and live-tweeting events are great ways to engage your new account's followers.

Social media offers many valuable routes to successful communication! Take the time to investigate which platforms will most effectively reach your audiences to grow your business and its impact on your community.

Here are three social media apps you may not have heard of:

  • 1.Prisma, a photo enhancement app, transforms your real-life photo into a hand-painted masterpiece, detailed with breathtaking stroke lines and natural textures. It's a great way to add visual appeal to your content!
  • 2.Boomerang is a trendy app that businesses use specifically for Instagram. Use Boomerang to create one-second videos that loop back and forth, producing an artistic effect and enhancing your daily content.
  • 3.Bebo is an app for professional groups. It features real-time messaging, a threaded forum for discussions, an eight-way group FaceTime and a live photo stream.

Tipton Communications offers extensive public relations, media relations and social media services and support to help grow your business, generate awareness and position yourselves as experts in a growing field. Let our social media experts help you! Visit www.TiptonCommunications.com for more information.

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