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Social Media Plays a Role in Digital Marketing

Social Media Plays a Role in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing can be defined as the marketing used to build mindfulness and advancing a brand or item utilizing all accessible digital channels. It is a term that covers many different activities. A well thought out Digital Marketing campaign will include multiple channels to engage the audience, including social media, SEO activity. Social Media Marketing is a term we use to depict platforms that connect individuals for the trading of information.

We often don't realize the differences between Digital and Social Media Marketing. Digital Marketing is actually an advertising technique. Its efforts may include Internet Advertising, TV, Mobile advertisements and Social Media. Social Media strategies, on the other hand, may incorporate one or more platforms that include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Digital marketing is completely focused on specific interest groups and they react to digital advertising as indicated by their interest level. Social media marketing is more focused and includes individuals who have basic interests, and crowds are included just through shared assent.

It should be evident after reading the above definitions that social media is a major part of Internet Marketing, which is part of Digital Marketing. If we compare the two side by side we will note that:

Digital Marketing reaches further than the Internet and attempts to reach people in the off-line world through digital means, while Social Media is restricted to the Internet.

Social Mediais strongly associated with a content strategy, while digital marketing can focus entirely on banners (either on the Internet, TV or billboards) for promotion.

Who's Mastered It?

LEGO has had incredible success in content marketing and social media strategy by focusing on community engagement. LEGO created The Awesome Alliance, which offers creative outlets and prizes via images and full-screen video. LEGO Ideas came to life through crowdsourcing and gives participants the chance to collaborate and submit their best ideas. LEGO managed to create a cross-channel strategy through contests like the #GoldenBrickies, which engaged users on all social platforms without too much repetition.

​AO World PLC became a top online retailer specializing in household appliances by optimizing its digital strategy. AO.com managed to simplify its search feature, use video content for easy product use and smartly integrated their social channels on their 'About Us' page, growing its Facebook following from 2,500 to 1 million in the space of two years.

​Asos.com, a British online fashion and beauty store, created their #bestnightever online campaign to boost brand engagement and advocacy. The company garnered 5.6 million positive acts of engagement across social media platforms by using music videos, games, style advice and celebrity content. Asos continued their success by shifting their attention to Pinterest and effectively growing its social media following by 122,000.

Digital Marketing is the future of marketing and will become more widespread in the online and offline world. Social Media, on the other hand, is an excellent tool to connect with other people, as part of Digital Marketing, and a tool used to find new customers and promote products.

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Thursday, 26 April 2018

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