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Say Goodbye to Snail Mail: Email Wins the OE Race

Say Goodbye to Snail Mail: Email Wins the OE Race

Written by: Leandra Abreu

Have you been relying on traditional mail to deliver your open enrollment (OE) materials? It's time to make a change—and we don't mean only on your health insurance benefit plans. We're talking about the way you deliver that critical information. As more and more of your people become accustomed to (and prefer) receiving information electronically (particularly your Millennials, who are 30% less likely than non-Millennials to open their snail mail), take advantage of the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of emails, your company intranet and social media (see our previous post for tips) to engage your employees and motivate them to complete their OE by your deadline.

The good news about electronic delivery: people can access it at the office, on vacation or in the comfort of their own living room, which meets their need for timely and useful benefit and insurance communication. On the other hand, emails can be ignored. You don't want that to happen during a strict timeframe like OE season. What can you do to meet your needs?

Here are three tips you need to know:

1. Make your email design mobile-responsive and friendly. Make sure your OE communications can be read on mobile devices, which is where more and more people are accessing their email. This is a great way to make sure your message stands out and your employees won't ignore it. Time and time again, postal mail pieces are designed with the same format. With an email, you can get creative, using visuals and relatable links.

2. Stagger your information delivery in bite-sized pieces. Traditional mail usually includes brochures, letters and postcards that are crammed with all the "need-to-know" OE information. Emails are much more flexible. Send a series of targeted, just-in-time emails: a reminder that OE will be starting soon, an announcement that OE is starting, reminder emails to instruct people where to go if they have questions and a final reminder just before OE ends. These emails can be written in language that's easy for people to understand. And by staggering the delivery, your people won't feel overwhelmed. 

3. Use subject lines and signatures to promote OE! Take advantage of the creativity you have with subject lines and signatures. People can't resist opening an email that has a catchy subject line. "Coming soon—our new pharma plan!" can yield a high open click-rate. Weeks before your OE begins, leverage your email signature to promote OE communications. Include deadlines, the URL for your HR website, phone number for helplines, etc. These are subtle ways to engage your employees and keep them in the loop about benefit plan knowledge and deadlines.

Ready to be 'all-in' when it comes to Open Enrollment communication? Check out our previous posts from our four-part blog series to learn more!

Overwhelmed with the open enrollment process? Let Tipton take the burden off your hands. At Tipton, we provide strategic open enrollment communications that could help boost your employees' satisfaction with their benefits and compensation. Visit us at www.tiptoncommunications.com for more information.

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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

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