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​My Experience: Welcome Home Joe and Jill

​My Experience: Welcome Home Joe and Jill

​Written by: Lauren Mancini, Communications Specialist

As I was making my way through the hordes of people, camera phone in my hand, promotional paraphernalia under my arm, I had to stop and take a look around.

That's when the scale of the event I was working hit me—the number of people anxiously waiting, the number of press video cameras pointed towards the stage. And I realized I was a part of something historic—a moment to store in my memory forever.

Tipton Communications was tasked with providing social media and website development support for the long-awaited homecoming of Delaware's favorite son: Mr. Joe Biden himself. The event, tagged "Welcome Home Joe and Jill," inspired the community to come together on a rainy Friday afternoon to welcome Joe (that's what we call him here) home after eight years as our Vice President.

As a communications agency, Tipton provides social media support on a regular basis. We curate content, create clever graphics, promote events and generate long-running campaigns. We dabble in Facebook Live and the latest and greatest IPhone applications. We've even provided live-time Facebook and Twitter coverage before. But covering an event that was splashed all over national media in between major inauguration updates—that was fun and challenging.

The day was a blur. I spent my hours grabbing strangers to pose with our "#WelcomeHomeJoeandJill" banners, encouraging interested parties to tag our Twitter handle with photos of their own and haphazardly running around to follow the former Vice President's every move—in between random security sweeps and phone-charging breaks.

Through all the hustle and bustle, I kept reminding myself that this was just another workday—and pinching myself in disbelief. The excitement ran through my veins like the cups of coffee I had downed that morning, and the buzz didn't wear off until I was long home, reminiscing about the events as I searched our hashtag.

All in all, the event was a successful test of the Tipton team's ability to handle large-scale and high-profile events. And it was a personal success for me—I'll be showing people my Joe Biden selfie for months! 

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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

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