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Lights, Camera, Action! How to use Video as an Open Enrollment Strategy

Lights, Camera, Action! How to use Video as an Open Enrollment Strategy

It's no shock that employers struggle with communicating open enrollment information to their employees during registration season. Questions arise like, "Is my email blast effective?" "Are my employees even reading what I'm sending them?" or "How do I get my message across in a new way?" Have no fear - there is an easy, innovative way to reach your staff…videos!

Think of video as the new trend you just can't miss out on. Companies and organizations far and wide have already begun utilizing video because of its offer of visual appeal, ability to pack a lot of information into a short time frame and the personalized nature of each film. We already know that on average, individuals will spend 30 minutes or less reviewing their benefits and deciding their plan, so it is crucial that all messaging being directed at them reaches them quickly. Video trumps reading when it comes to retaining information, as consumers are 25% more likely to recall video instruction rather than what's served to them in a written manner.

How do you effectively use videos, you ask? We have made it simple for you.

Be mindful of the length of videos

Let's cut to the chase – we have short attention spans. It's human nature for us to want to divert our attention elsewhere if we are bored with the stimulus or feel an information-overload brain freeze coming on. The trick to combat this speed bump is simple; keep the videos short and sweet. Wistia performed video analytics over the course of a few years, and found that videos under one minute had an 80% retention rate, and videos that were two to three minutes in length had a retention rate of 60%. Stick to these sweet-spot numbers, and you should have yourself a successful video.

Know your audience, know your video

Every staff is unique, so your communication efforts should reflect that. Your message may be different than the company next door's message. By knowing the demographic of your work environment, you are able to tailor the content specifically to those whom will be watching it. Types of videos that can be produced include testimonials, administrative or executive messages or animated motion graphical videos. Each of these types may resonate differently to individual employees. For example, it is found that millennials have a positive reaction and higher retention rate when watching a motion graphic video, rather than one featuring a message from their CEO.

Motion graphics and animation are your friend

This option of video tends to be looked at as an extra luxury in a communication plan, but in reality, it is a tactic that is easily available to employ! Because of how intricate open enrollment benefits can be, using animated graphics to explain the process is valuable. It is engaging and fast-paced, laying out confusing material in a simplified and clear manner. To create video of this content, businesses can outsource to companies that create for a fee or download at-home software to generate their own, personalized videos. Use these videos to explain specific types of health plans, instructional videos to explain complicated changes or reminders of important information for employees.

Video marketing is a method that should not be ignored – it is quickly becoming a trend that companies cannot afford to move forward without! Using video to help communicate your open enrollment transitions, tactics and tips can help ease employees' frustration and confusion and provide employers with a more innovative and strategic approach.

Overwhelmed with the Open Enrollment process? Let Tipton take the burden off your hands. At Tipton, we provide strategic open enrollment communications that could help boost your employees' satisfaction with their benefits and compensation. Visit us at www.tiptoncommunications.com for more information.

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