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It’s Private, it’s Secure, it’s Our Company Intranet!

It’s Private, it’s Secure, it’s Our Company Intranet!

​Written By: Natalie Hines, Communications Specialist

You want to be the superhero of internal communications. Maybe you're going to email a memo to hundreds of employees. But can you be sure people will actually read it? Or you want to create a shared place for updated employee policies and confidentiality statements. But how can you do that?

Traditional methods of disseminating and communications information can make you woozy. But whatever your kryptonite may be, the company intranet is here to save the day!

An intranet—an internal and private communications network within large companies and corporations—is the most effective means of internal communications. It's been proven to increase employee engagement, enhance communication efficiency and yield leaner processes. For example, global IT leader Cisco, accelerated its time-to-market by 12 to 18 months by using its intranet to increase innovation speed.

If you're looking to gain some of these benefits, you've come to the right place. We've broken down best practices for professionals looking to launch an intranet and those looking to redesign or improve the value of an existing structure.

Are you going to launch your company intranet within the next several months?

  1. Make a plan and outline the main sections of your structure. Reach out to and collaborate with employees who will be maintaining those sections. This way, you're clearly communicating expectations from the start.
  2. Align sections with your company's business initiatives. The intranet is a great way to engage employees with high-level company programs, initiatives and other campaigns. It gives you the creative freedom to communicate difficult or deep topics to a wide range of audiences.
  3. Roll out a few sections at time. If you're been working on your intranet site for several months, take your time when launching it. Plan to introduce new sections quarterly to keep your workload manageable and to regularly communicate with users.

Who did it best?

Funny, interesting and informative for employees, Yahoo's intranet won Ragan.com's Grand Prize: Best Overall Intranet in 2015. Known for its product spotlights, simple yet functional layout and overall transparency, this intranet effectively reflects its company culture and philosophy.

Planning on an intranet redesign, or need to reconsider your content?

  1. Reevaluate intranet governance. A common reason why intranet management teams come to a halt is lack of support from assigned users. It's important to develop a comprehensive plan that outlines expectations and responsibilities for selected teams.
  2. Collect feedback. Since the intranet is a tool for employees, send out a survey to gather employee opinions about the current structure.
  3. Make the new intranet essential. Whether it houses crucial employee forms, policies or news, make the intranet an integral resource for all employees and continue promoting the site in all communications.

Who did it best?

Michigan-based Spectrum Health was managing three separate intranet sites before redesigning and launching one unified site. With a new design and valuable governance, it was more engaging to employees, who are uploading and sharing more than 300 documents per day.

So whether your company's intranet is a mission-critical project or you're about to take off, follow our best practices to ensure overall efficiency and effectiveness. And leave the kryptonite for Superman.

Need more guidance when it comes to intranet development,redesign or content creation? Our experts at Tipton Communications are here to help you. We offer everything from guidance to a full hands-on approach. Visit our website http://tiptoncommunications.com/corporate-communications/employee-communications/intranet-development.html or call us at 302.454.7901. 

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